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Parliamentarians perform many roles - they legislate, they supervise the executive and the budget, and they represent the views of their electorate and seek to lead and influence opinion. They should also, in my view, stand up for the national interest and particularly local interests. MEPs are no different from MPs in this respect. We can table questions to the Council, where British Government Ministers sit, and to the European Commission, which has its own quasi-governmental powers, and which initiates almost all EU legislation. We can also write directly to Government Ministers and other authorities.

Below you can find direct links to my most recent speeches at the European Parliament. Unlike at the Palace of Westminster, debate in Brussels and Strasbourg is strictly curtailed, and regrettably I am usually able to speak for only one to two minutes on what are often very important issues


Videos of my speeches can also be found through the links beneath.



  • Security challenges in the Middle East and North Africa and prospects for political stability

    Madam President, I have no doubt that Mr Peillon has put a lot of effort into this report, but it seems to be a ‘catch-all’ for every possible difficulty, tension and crisis across a vast region. Many of these countries are unrelated in the nature of the problems that they face. The main answer for him seems to be the European Union, as well as large helpings of motherhood, apple pie and blinding statements of the obvious.

  • Progress Report on Turkey

    The resolution rightly acknowledges Turkey’s importance as a strategic partner of the EU, with a crucial role in the fight against terrorism and instability in the Middle East. I also welcome the call for Northern Cyprus to be allowed to trade with the EU.

  • State of EU-Russia relations

    Mr President, the awful reality seems to be that Russia is getting away with her aggression – perhaps not surprisingly, given the weaknesses in the EU approach.


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New Direction: Promoting free enterprise, small government, individual freedom and a new direction for Europe

New Direction: Promoting free enterprise, small government, individual freedom and a new direction for Europe